The Shame of Urinary Incontinence

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If you go to your doctor about a leakage problem, then your doctor will likely tell you about the physical problems that come with this medical condition. Your doctor will cover the bladder control issues, the many incontinence products you need to take, the treatment methods you need to undergo and the various other physical and medical aspects of this condition.

What your doctor is less likely to talk about are the psychological issues that crop up whenever someone is dealing with urinary incontinence. This is still kind of a stigmatized condition, and treating it is something that many people do on their own or just avoid altogether. They may not even want to talk to their doctor about it, because they feel so ashamed.

It is important that you tell your doctor about your problem so that you can get some professional help. That help can make huge difference in how long you have to struggle with this condition and how severe the symptoms will be. You can get a lot of that under control just by receiving expert medical advice and following your doctor’s treatment plan.

Beyond that, though, you need to know that there is shame to deal with. You might be embarrassed about urinating in your clothes in public. You may be concerned about having to change your clothes inconspicuously or about having to deal with your problem in a public location. It could get in the way of things you want to do and social events that you would like to be part of.

It’s not a bad thing to talk about how you feel with somebody or to be embarrassed of your condition. Those are all normal reactions, and you will not be quite the same person once you start to suffer from this condition. You will have fears about social situations and about people finding out about your condition. You will have anxiety about how people may start to treat you differently or about what things you normally do that you will no longer be able to do.

Make no mistake- urinary incontinence does change your life, but you can be prepared for a lot of that. You just have to realize that a level of shame is normal, and that you don’t have to be ashamed of this condition. It affects so many people every year, many of whom you may already know. You might not realize some of the people in your social circles who are suffering from urinary incontinence, and it is likely more common than you think.

This is a condition that you can deal with and that you can live with and not have to change your life drastically, but you do need to be prepared for things that a lot of people are not going to bother to tell you about. It’s a good idea to talk to others who have gone through similar situations and get their advice about how they dealt with their embarrassment and the social stigma of this medical condition.